happy new year? whine without cheese

Just checking in without much to update. It’s been too warm and rainy and the likelihood of this barn ever getting installed are slim to none. My mood is, quite honestly, not all that great either thanks to the weather, migraines, and an unlikely mild concussion.


Me, most days

Today is my first day back at since before Christmas. I was due back yesterday, but 2 days of horrific migraines made today’s mild migraine feel not so horrible. I’m still not exactly thrilled to be back. The joys of this college town? They cut down half the trees on the south green, put out a bunch of temporary fences, and are about to do some utility work… Yeah. And Saxby’s closed. So, it’s depressing. Sob. I miss Saxby’s.

On a positive note, I did purchase stall mats (I will probably buy 4 more to put outside of the non-existent barn). $26/ea. Yay for price shopping! The one feed store had a massive order of seconds, and, to be honest, they’re all completely fine. I don’t see one thing wrong with them. They were shrink wrapped and everything. So, I bought them. And I’ll buy more. Completely worth it. So much better than TSC $45/mat.


Kitty fort!

My husband also bought me a feed cart for Christmas! Or rather a utility/garden cart that might be turned into a feed cart. In the interim, it’s being used as a cat fort.


Happy birthday Subi

On the 1st, Subi celebrated his OFFICIAL 22nd Birthday. Hard to believe he’s 22… Time flies!

I did ride Ranger sometime between Xmas and New Year’s and had a great lesson. But, time has passed and I just can’t remember enough details to actually write about it.

This might be because the next day, I sort of, kind of, maybe got hit in the head by a pry bar… I was in the garage getting soup out of the freezer and a pry bar fell and clocked me in the back of the head… I saw stars, developed a nice black and blue mark, and days later, the right sided migraines began. See, the migraines are ALWAYS there, but they’re left sided. So, now, a week later, I’m dealing with some extra significant migraines (a couple debilitating ones) and concussion symptoms/post concussion syndrome. Because, seriously, this was EXACTLY what I needed.

I try not to use this blog to vent about migraines (which are pretty much a chronic daily thing), but most of the time I can deal. But then I can’t when they are combined with others symptoms or stuff or are more than the usually regular ones… And then when my idiot neurologist changes my abortive medication from a 30 day to a 90 day (at same amount) and I’ve been out of meds with 45 days remaining without notice…

Anyway, hopefully next week I’ll be back to blogging with some enthusiasm! Until then…


Always watching, always judging.


11 thoughts on “happy new year? whine without cheese

  1. get me some of those stall mats. šŸ™‚ Thanks
    Sorry you feel shitty. I hope you feel better. I KNOW i would feel better if i saw some SUN in the near future.I totally didn’t do a blog post today because everyone is tired of me bitching. UGH
    UGH on UDel and UGH on Saxby’s closing. I am almost glad i moved away between my gym closing and my fave coffee shop.

    Move to TN and bring the barn šŸ™‚

    HA HA HA

  2. Ouch! Your poor head. That really had to hurt. We are getting another 2ā€ of rain today. The roads are flooding. The grass is under water. Thankfully it is the last day for the next 10 or so they say

    • Lucky! I’m pretty sure in addition to rain tonight/tomorrow we’ll be getting more every 3 days… plus there looks to be rain 3 days in a row next week… I’m trying not to study the forecast because I go insane doing that. I now limit myself to checking 1x/day…

  3. Migraines are the WORST. I get them frequently and I honestly believe they have some link to the debilitating vertigo I suffer from. My migraines seem weather related, or pms related. The worst

    • I’m sure there is correlation to vertigo. I have triggers but some I just can’t control like environmental stuff. But I’m sure multiple concussions haven’t helped. I started subcutaneous injections. We’ll see if they help. Doubt it.

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