90% There!

I’m sure everyone is getting tired of barn pictures, but right now that’s all I have in my life about which to update.

Yesterday, despite the frozen temperatures, my site prep people (person) showed up to work on the foundation and add screenings.



During the installation of the barn, the equipment sort of, kind of got stuck and left grooves/divots in the original foundation. Thankfully, Lloyd was able to fix that, and add screenings to the stalls, fix the grading, and add additional screenings around the barn.

The end result? A perfect barn.

We’re so close! I cut the stall mats that needed cutting yesterday and now just need to move in the full sized mats, add Jiminy’s panels, and add bucket hooks. Hopefully everything will be finished in time for Saturday and Sunday’s ugly weather.

These 2 provided absolutely NO help…


utterly useless.

16 thoughts on “90% There!

  1. never boring keep posting about it I am in love with your barn and screenings! LOL also i got some of those perforated mats but not sure where to use them. Well once it dries up where to use them!!

    It looks great. do you have to build Jiminy a stall? One thing my friend Kym does is she has a stall guard on her two stall barn with a run in and her mini goes under the stalls to go in with the other horses? Plus knowing Jiminy he is not going out in the bad weather?? Just a thought.

    YAY it looks so amazing! I remember when you were texting me when you were onsite looking at the barns! SO QUICK (tho it seems like years to you I am sure!).

    Judgy cats:)

    • Jiminy gets the largest stall, the run in! He’s getting it closed in with round pen panels. Not perfect, but it’ll have to work. Eventually maybe I’ll open up Subi’s stall so the 2 of them can share.

      It feels like forever, but it’s only been since the Saturday after Thanksgiving. If I didn’t find something in stock, I’d probably still be waiting…

  2. I love reading about the progress. It helps me relive my excitement. WHen we put the mats in we learned that using C-clamps to move them was so much easier. I want to see photos of the horses in their new digs!

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