WW: a nice change from rain?

Nothing real to update… Subi is working on ground manners. He’s been nicely behaved since Sunday as we halt and back every day walking to and from his stall to the field. It’s cold, it snowed a little, but it’s nothing here compared to the midwest. Everyone is fine. Batt and Jiminy don’t understand why I turned them out this morning. Tonight and tomorrow will be super cold. Eventually I’ll get results from my chest x-ray (too little, too late as I’m finally feeling a lot better).


Only interesting thing…

Home vs work. A grand total of 22 minutes apart. Granted, it was only ~3″ but still… NOTHING at work.

Snowless patch on left is under a large tree where there is almost NEVER snow…

8 thoughts on “WW: a nice change from rain?

  1. oh man, we just got hit with ANOTHER little snow squall lol, like i looked out my window a minute ago and it was a white out. i’m glad i checked the weather this morning bc i didn’t think the front was coming in so quickly and planned to go take care of charlie’s blankets tonight after work… uh, yea nope the front is HERE so i’m glad i could sneak out this morning…. hope you’re staying warm and nothing blows away in the wind!

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