Waving goodbye! vs waving a white flag?

This a VERY dramatic conclusion to this post. Lol.

The got this stupid thing OUT. This was the most crazy process EVER. And, upon getting it out, the contractors are convinced this stupid thing predates the house and was put in no later than 1950 back when the whole cluster of properties was a big working farm… Gee, great. Ugh. My house in 1972. There was a lot of field stone (not quarry stone) used around and under the culvert… Plus, it’s condition… Thanks. A lot. Lol. Plus cofferdams and lots of other regulations and stuff. And thanks to Liz I know all about E&S plans. Liz, you are the best!

My boys were awesome hanging out in the barn all morning while this project took place. No one flipped out, not even Subi while the big pipe was driven by his stall. The pipe is now living out its life at the scrap yard.

4 thoughts on “Waving goodbye! vs waving a white flag?

  1. CELEBRATE! I hope y’all had a drink after that thing left the property! Also…that stream looks pretty damn nice considering it just had a giant pipe janked out of it. I’m jus’ saying…. 😉

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