Another day.

Continuing to post just to stay in the routine.

Sunday I forced myself to head out and ride and Blob was a good boy (though he wasn’t into the idea of working and I needed my trainer to get him out of his stall — better head space and I could have, but not that day). Not in the mood to do a real entry on my lesson, but I do have media of our final course. Video suggestion courtesy of my trainer. It was good because I hadn’t been willing to use my camera since Wednesday and the last photo was…not a good one (can’t delete it though). Having someone else use it? Much better.

Anyway, good boy Blob. We’re getting more consistent and I’m getting better with the darn changes.

Meanwhile, while uploading that, I found this video of Batty from Wednesday while we were waiting for the vet.

Wasn’t feeling good, but was happy enough to follow my husband around the round pen. The walked for who knows how long, just like this.

Subi is still…struggling. I’d feel so much better if he’d relax a bit. I left him this morning eating fancy hay under a tree in the pouring rain. No grain/pulp overnight or this morning (again) but he ate his breakfast at 6pm last night. Again. That seems to be when I can get him to eat breakfast. Outside. Under a tree.

Jiminy helps eat. Because he’s a turd. And is going to be 1000lbs after all this.


At least Jiminy WAS at a good weight? Subi bit him 4-5 times. Didn’t deter the little bugger. 

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