Jiminy’s Monster Fighting Adventure

Things are still rough around here and I’m missing my Batthorse more than I can explain. Subi isn’t doing well. He enjoys carrots and some peppermints, but that’s about it. I’m working to find him a friend, but I’m not sure he’s going to get through this loss.

But today I wanted to talk about Jiminy.

img_1564I’ve taken to bringing the boys in for a few hours each evening for dinner and then turning them back out. The goal is to get Subi to eat without giving him time to stress too much. Results? Eh. But, he’s less stressed than when he’s in overnight (he eats less though).

Jiminy is NOT a fan of this arrangement. Especially if the weather is less than perfect. He has some tall tails of woe to share about the weather. Especially because on Wednesday night right before Thanksgiving, it was super windy. In fact, wind gusts reached 50 mph occasionally…

And Jiminy says he almost blew away.


img_1508Jiminy says it’s been a really really rough and tough 24 hours. First, he had to stay outside in the dark and cold and wind 💨 last night and he almost blew away.

Then, overnight he had to fight off, single handedly: a fox, a bear, a coyote, a wolf, a dragon, a chimera, Camaro, and a Humvee.

And now his brother is being mean to him and chasing him away from the hay pile (there are 7 piles).

Jiminy needs a rescue squad.

And he wants his stall back overnight.

8 thoughts on “Jiminy’s Monster Fighting Adventure

    • He says “sign me up!” And then, being a good little brother, adds, “I need to bring my older brother with me. He’s kind of sad, mopey, and depressed and a little bit senile. Maybe hanging out with Eeyore will help?”

      On a side note, my phone wants to autocorrect Eeyore to eyesore…

  1. OH Jiminy you are so brave and noble! I can’t believe how careless your servant was with your well-being. You can always come and live with me. I have the perfect stall for you out of the weather!

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