Welcome to the family Say Nay Nay

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Welp, I adopted a horse on Wednesday. For those of you who are friends/follow on Facebook/Instagram, this isn’t news. (Or for everyone I’ve emailed/texted, lol). For the rest of you, I’d like to introduce Say Nay Nay, aka Nay Nay because I am continuing my tradition of not naming my horses.


Nay Nay is a 8 year old thoroughbred. He was a New Holland kill pen rescue 2-3 years ago after his rather…slow…racing career and was adopted out to a lady in Maryland. Due to health reasons, she can no longer physically ride so she returned Nay Nay and after some refresher training, he was listed for adoption again. He’s still a bit green, but I rode him after a week off and he’s also part Shetland pony mentally. Lol. He has some ugly front legs, but clean X-rays and the vet says it shouldn’t hinder any career at all.

Nay Nay came home yesterday (screaming the entire trailer ride), but settled pretty fast. Subi perked up immediately. Jiminy wanted Nay Nay to know he’s Subi’s best friend and has stuck like glue to Subi. Nay Nay just wants to eat and finds Subi annoying outside. Constantly on the move, “can’t we just stop and eat hay scraps you idiot?”

He was nervous coming inside to his stall last night. My husband had to lead him the last part of the way because trying to do him and Subi was hard. Subi wasn’t helping (ooh, grass!) and I kept getting squished. But, he didn’t do anything, just took things in. He found his feed bucket immediately and checked out the stall between bites. He’d been living out so it’s an adjustment. Several times he and Subi touched noses through the stall bars. My heart. I checked on him an hour later and there was poop and he was mugging for peppermints (this horse is a food hound). I had to stop myself from going out all night.

I’ll check on them in a few minutes with breakfast. Hopefully everyone did ok. Nay Nay is used to living out and Subi and Jiminy have been staying out, but I’m trying to start bringing in again vs 4 hours and 1 hour for feeding.

I wasn’t looking for my horse yet, but in my search for a companion, someone sent me to MidAtlantic Horse Rescue and there he was. They also do an amazing job with their companions and I could have adopted/borrowed one from them for as long as I needed. But Nay Nay grabbed my heart. I decided if he didn’t work out, I wasn’t looking for a riding horse until spring. No pressure but he had to be everything. I had people (many) say it was too soon. I thought it was, but everyone heals differently and I haven’t been healing. Nay Nay hopefully will help Subi heal but he will definitely help me heal. I won’t forget Batty ever, but I need to love another horse in order to get through this. I’m more like Subi than I care to admit. I’ve been surviving as a shell too for a month. If feels good to smile again.

Anyway, welcome to the family!


22 thoughts on “Welcome to the family Say Nay Nay

    • ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ Thank you. I’m excited! Going to let him settle in first, play with him at home, and them maybe haul him over to trainer’s indoor next weekend. But this weekend I’m going to stay home and just play with him and maybe use the round pen.

  1. You know, I really really like him. He seems sweet and a real tryer. And there is no one who can define ‘too soon’ other than you. There is no right way to grieve or heal. I am happy that you got him. Taking care of Subi will take care of you as well. I really really like him. Did I say that already? 😀 ❤

    • Are you sure you like him? I’m getting the feeling that you might not like him 🧐🤣 he’s a good boy and we’ll figure it all out. I need someone to love rather than being sad all the time. Subi too. I think I convinced myself it was too soon and other people repeated it or vice versa but he felt right. And Subi’s expression when he saw Nay Nay… ❤️ I have more hope we will make it through this now. Nay Nay thinks Subi is a little creepy though 😂

  2. Everyone grieves differently. Just because you got another horse does not mean you are moving on from your grief for Batt. And we all have huge hearts. There is room in there for love for another horse. I’m so glad you found one who seems to click for you.

    • So true. I think he’s going to allow me to start grieving, especially if he helps Subi heal. It’s easier to heal by loving vs hiding inside crying for me. And right now, I can’t not smile around him. I’m sure once the honeymoon is over, I’ll feel differently (haha), but right now…

  3. i love his face. The minute you shared him with me his eyes and face spoke to me. I hope all goes well and continues to go well. Enjoy! I think Batt would be happy you have something to ride now that he is gone!!

    And from going from turnout 24/7 to stall is an adjustment so it is good he ate and seemed okay!! YAY

  4. What a sweet guy! I really think you have to decide for yourself what works for your heart. I never understand why people get judgy about anything being “too soon”. How does anyone else but YOU know how you are feeling? You do you and what is right for you (and your herd). I am so excited for you!

    • I’m learning everyone heals differently and you need to do you. Easier said than done, but… What I was doing wasn’t working so I’m doing this instead. This is making me happy. So this seems to work for me. I’ll miss Batt always, but I like not crying every moment of every day.

      He is the sweetest and has a great mug for peppermints. He can stretch the head and neck out really far to beg for treats. Lol. I’ll have to get pictures.

    • ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ He comes right up to the fence to say hello because he likes people. And that makes Subi come up because it’s all about him and he’s the center of attention. And that makes Jiminy come visit because he wants Nay Nay to know that he’s Subi’s BFF first and there could be treats. This is my life right now. It’s sure beats crying all the time!

  5. He has such a kind eye! Such a lovely horse, and you look so comfortable on him. I love that video of them all meeting. Subi’s expression… ❤ I'm glad he's helping you smile again, and I can't wait to hear more about him ❤

    • He really does have that kind, soft eye. I really was comfortable on him. His walk and canter in particular. His trot started out quick (and he was testing me a touch), but once I found the right buttons, he slowed down and then I almost needed a pony club kick to keep him moving. Lol. And yes, Subi’s expression is priceless. He hasn’t been that animated in a month. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  6. ❤️ he does, now needs to learn manners to go along with them 😂 Ann adjust to all the weird sounds around my house (like my neighbor). Plus learning that just because dinner is in his stall, power walking is not acceptable nor is not halting/not backing when asked. Harsh lessons last night!

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