So I went shopping…

When you get a new horse, what else do you do other than go shopping?

Nay Nay (or SNN or SSN because that’s how I read SNN every. single. time. Michele texts SNN) has been living out 24/7 at the rescue without a blanket. It’s been relatively warm-ish and he has a decent coat. BUT, he likes to roll. And he likes dirt. A lot. So, if I have plans to ride him, ever, he’s going to start being blanketed. And he’s a thoroughbred so it’s not like he has THAT great of a coat.

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So Saturday morning it was cold. I got him cleaned up, pulled out some old blankets (a 72″ that fits more like a 74″ of Hayley’s that Subi can squeeze into in a pinch — fits his chest, but his butt hangs out), a 14 year old 76″ Stateline of Subi’s (he fits better in a 78″ these days) that possibly isn’t waterproof anymore, and an 80″ dover of Batt’s that was narrow, but never was washed so…

The 72″ fit-ish pretty well, but was a bit short in the butt. It would work. But, it was a heavy weight and Nay Nay really didn’t need a heavy weight. Hayley was never a 72″ and I’m not sure if she was a 74″ either. Honestly, the sizing of this blanket was just weird.  Nay can use it if he ever needs a heavy. Lol. The 76″ fit really well but I’d prefer not to use it as anything other than an emergency spare (see age plus I found a tear in the seam so I kept it on and headed over to Dover first for their blanket sale.

And mostly struck out. See, unless I wanted to order online, the store was out of a lot of their rider blankets. I could get a northwind for a decent price, but then I’d be stuck with the same blankets as Subi and with Subi in a 78 and Nay Nay in a 76, I’d have to be checking constantly the size and I’m lazy. I want to be able to tell by looks which blanket belongs to which horse. So, Nay Nay got a cheap sheet and…

Panda Bears.

He looks very good in Panda Bears.

Next stop? The new Fair Hill Saddlery. From what I understand, the ownership may be similar to Chick’s Saddlery (family’s last name is Chick), but some of the merchandise is more high end (fits, Tailored Sportsman, etc.). Saturday was the official grand opening though they’ve been open for about a week. They had a tent sale and lots of cheap blankets. I got 2 sheets (one for Subi and one for Nay Nay) for $35 each and a cooler for $23.

I also ended up with 3 lunge lines and a new cheap halter. Nay Nay has a cob head and his new horse size halter he came with is too big… Plus a free saddle pad from Dover. And a new tiger’s tongue.


So. Much. Stuff


11 thoughts on “So I went shopping…

  1. I love those pandas on him! And that coral/salmon plaid blanket. He looks AWESOME in those! Looks like a great haul! And I too think of “watch me nae nae” when I see his name. That and “oh na na, what’s my name” hahaha!

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