2019 Equestrian Blogger Gift Exchange

Another year, another fabulous gift exchange thanks to Tracy over at the Printable Pony.


This year my gift came from Olivia at DIY Horse Ownership. There are absolutely no words to describe her extraordinary gift.


You see, I signed up before I lost Batt. I thought about emailing Tracy to either edit my description or pull out but… I didn’t. I was not in the holiday spirit at all for weeks. In fact, at Thanksgiving, my husband asked what I wanted for Christmas? I said I wanted my horse back… so yeah. I just had to home someone would read my blog and realize I lost Batt and at least not address the card to him and me (I’ve done stuff like that).


But Olivia? Her gift? I was crying after reading the card and bawling by the time I opened the gift.


Handmade quilted stuffed Batty is perfect. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.


Thank you Olivia!

**The first thing my husband asked when he saw it was, is that from the person who made mini Jiminy a few years ago? Strangely enough, I think they might be to scale to each other!**o poop


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