2010s Photo Challenge

From May as Well Event: As we enter a new decade, I thought it would be fun to propose a challenge to you all! Let’s see ONE horsey picture for each of the last ten years. 


So much happened this year. Batty joined the family in November, but this was also the year of Sound Hayley. And riding Subi… before life and work got in the way. I was super happy at this self care barn too with Hayley and Subi. Batty didn’t join us there until later.


Best Chestnut Mare Ever


We moved to our next place as my 90 mile commute started…killing me. This was the year of the laminitis scare for Hayley and the abscesses for her and Batty that wouldn’t end and eventually me accepting a new job that I wouldn’t start until 2012.


Settling in at their new home, healthy for now 


The year we left crazy, moved to a friend’s temporarily, and then moved HOME.


Best kids home at last. Last time things ever looked nice. 


Uneventful year. Except that whole getting kicked in the head by Hayley thing…


Batt proving he’s a saint and me not needing a ladder. Trimming trees on his back.


Batty’s New Bolton stay for his first serious colic, Subj issues under saddle, and we lost Hayley. Year #1 where I decided I hated horses.


One of the last healthy pictures I have of Hayley before she took a sharp and sudden turn downhill and said loud and clear, my body is failing at 14.


Year started with me abandoning the horses for almost 2 months due to grief and letting my husband take care of them. Still feel guilty about it today. Most major happening? Jiminy joined the family in July bringing the number back to 3. 2 was not working!


Cutest pony ever. First #notachestnut but he can pass for one sometimes. Bay roans are cool


Year of lots. I’m cheating because 2016 brought me hauling out Batty, a second serious concussion, Ludwig’s Corner, and… RANGER. The horse who changed my relationship with jumping. I also retired Subi completely. And colic.


First show over fences since 2008/9?


In his element 


Let’s go show in pleasure horse at Ludwig’s Corner even though we’ve never been to a show before… large classes with expensive horses 😂



Trail rides galore and Devon with Ranger. Plus abscesses for Batty. Always abscesses.


Best Ranger Ever!


Ranger was my constant. Batty’s heaves started to get worse plus abscesses. But we managed some awesome trail rides. And barn purchase!


Best trail horse ever.


Couldn’t resist an excuse to include the greatest image ever. Fair Hill maps are confusing.


Worst year ever. Ranger taught me all he knew and I moved on to Bob (not bad, but sometimes you just need a constant).Culvert. Ulcers for Subi, Batty super awful heaves, then after 3 years without a colic, we lost him to a colic that didn’t present bad but just got worse and worse and worse. Worse than New Bolton colic of 2014. I basically bankrupted myself on Batty this year and lost him anyway. Plus deteriorating health. And I almost lost Subi. I still might in the next year if he doesn’t put on weight(though he is more content).And then Nayners came along to try and sort out the mess.

I’m including The last picture I have of Batty alive that is the most awful thing ever. I took it when my gut said he would not make it, before leaving the clinic. 60 minutes later they called us to come back to say goodbye. Im sharing it because it has too much power and maybe by putting it out there, it won’t? I’m including a second because I need a happier photo to end the year.


No words, just pain. The moment you know in your gut you’re not going to make it through this complete.


I have so many other pictures, better ones of Nayners. But this is the moment that things became OK again. The first OK again moment. It’s worth saving.



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