Blogging Blob: I’m not even sure what this was

So I could write all about Nayners (we had another lesson this morning), but instead I’m actually going to write about Bob. You see, yesterday I took a lesson on Bob. Including today’s lesson, that brings my weekly lesson count to 3, ride total as of now to 4 (not including the 2 planned rides for tomorrow). Who am I?!?! But this ride deserves its own post.

Grumpy horse.

Lesson was at 1:30. I have found that Bob is grumpiest in the early afternoon. Sure enough, he didn’t exactly want to be caught…in his stall. He sort of, kind of came over, started to put his head in the halter, then pinned his ears at me and backed up, considering biting. We played this game for a couple minutes before I threw the halter at him and played my game until he presented friendly ears and agreeably let me put the halter on and stopped trying to turn his but to me. But, this was my warning of what was to come.

With my friend Sandra’s help, we got him groomed and tacked before heading to the indoor just to be told that the lesson was going out and we could follow. We turned, and Bob realized I was distracted and tried to take a chunk out of me so I smacked him and he reared. Then the dad of the rider who was heading out made some snide comment that I should watch it because his kid (or horse) could get hurt. Maybe she shouldn’t walk right behind another horse then? If she’s jumping 3’6″ and showing in FL then she should know better… but I have a horse that bites and can hurt people, I’m told to beat him if he bites [clarification, I’m not beating horses, but I am getting after them for biting]. There was space, don’t walk into a horse’s butt… (she didn’t exactly, but snide “watch it!” From the dad so wasn’t appreciated… I’m getting bitten here!)

Outside, after jumping a mud puddle, jumping when the gate hit out butt, ad just being stupid, I knew something was up when he was in front of my leg at the trot… the trot was fine. The canter. Shit.

See, Bob doesn’t buck. Bob doesn’t bolt. Bob doesn’t spook. Bob doesn’t do anything… Not really. Except, Bob was really, really up. See, the last time Bob was ridden was almost 2 weeks ago when I rode him last. So when I asked for the canter, we canter. And had a temper tantrum and regardless of how much leg or crop I used, regardless of how much weight I put in my outside heel, regardless of pulling my reins to the rail, Bob decided that he was going to canter around doing changes… EVERY. SINGLE. STRIDE. I’m barely exaggerating here. I wish I had video. We cantered forever until I begged to stop. He was actually better to the right so we thought he tired himself out some so we tried to canter again to the left and it was better for about a minute before Bob started with the changes again…

He’s lucky he’s cute…

As a result, when it came time to jump, Bob had…nothing left in the tank. He was VERY good, but exhausted. And soaked in sweat. We did very little as he was bound to be sore from his effort…his own fault, but he probably could have used some extra rides too. I’m going to try and hop on this weekend so our lesson next week is a little less…dramatic.

He was very good over fences even though we did very little! Hopefully he’ll be good this weekend!

6 thoughts on “Blogging Blob: I’m not even sure what this was

  1. Bob’s got jokes! I love when well behaved horses are “wild” because they’re “bad” is really kind of hilarious. Annoying for sure! But kinda funny… I hope you have a better ride next time!

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