Let’s talk about Subi…

img_3912This blog is still called Three Chestnuts… And while I’m down to one, Subi is the original chestnut.

And he scared me big time on Friday night.

We were bringing the horses in and I got Nay Nay in his stall and went back for Subi. Erik had his halter on but Jiminy was still in the shed eating hay. “Just leave the gate open,” he said.

Subi and I got back to his stall, I had taken his halter off and he was starting in on the peppermints and chopped carrots in his dinner when Jiminy zooms by.

2 minutes later, Jiminy is back in his stall.

img_3900But Subi? He is standing facing Nay Nay’s stall, licking the wall. He stood like that for nearly 2 hours, licking the damn wall.

He ate a carrot, but wouldn’t turn around on his own. And he was breathing super hard. But NOT hot or overheated. Cool to the touch.

I texted a friend who asked, “Heart attack? Stroke? Can he walk? How is his balance?” So I grabbed a carrot and a halter and walked him out to the round pen and back. Nothing wrong with his balance. Or his ability to attack me for the carrot.

img_3911Back in the stall? Wall licking resumed and? Drooling. So much drool.

Next guess, minor choke on either a tiny piece of carrot or a mini panic attack when he lifted his head up to see Jiminy running loose. He never seemed upset, just…startled. He had barely eaten anything (1-3 tiny pieces of carrot smaller than a peppermint and 2 peppermints but choke is possible) but he definitely looked post-panic attack too.

img_3897Throughout the night I checked on him. At 11:45 he was munching his alfalfa and had eaten some grain though his stall wall was soaked. By morning his alfalfa was gone as was breakfast.

Since then? He’s been fine.

WTH horse?

10 thoughts on “Let’s talk about Subi…

    • I know, right? Even trying to describe this was strange. I was thinking, even if I called the emergency vet for a consult, what do I say? My horse appears fine, but he’s acting weird and licking the wall and won’t stop?

    • You know, Subi has had ulcers and we’ve treated them several times. He had severe ulcers after losing Batt. That was the worst of it. But, honestly? This is the first time I’m not inclined to say “ulcers” because he’s just so laid back right now. He doesn’t seem to have a care in the world other than this night. He does wait for Nay Nay when Nay Nay goes off to ride, but he also hangs out with Jiminy and eats hay. Most of the anticipation is when the trailer comes back, but even then, as long as Jiminy is around (and he is SO GOOD at making sure he’s with Subi when Nay Nay leaves), he doesn’t really make a peep.

      Subi has always been a licker. Not necessarily stall walls, just people. With the back of his tounge. But never drool. He does lick anything in sight after peppermints.

      I’m just going to keep an eye on him and hold off more ulcer stuff. While I could toss him on nexium just to see, I’d rather not because for the first time ever, he has nothing that makes me think ulcers. Just a WTF moment.

      It was really like he had a panic attack and then went into a self-soothe mode and chilled himself out really fast?

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