Down for the count

2020 is starting to get to me! But I’m down for the count and who knows for how long!

It’s no fault of any 4-legged thing either!

Yesterday I got stung by a stinging thing. I currently can’t really walk and my leg is super swollen and growing. I don’t have an ankle or an an arch to my foot.

Last time this happened? It took 2 weeks before I could get a shoe on… this is the reason I own crocs.

So I sit with ice and Benadryl and am thankful in Covid times I only needed a rescue inhaler and not the epi-pen. Unfortunately, with this “increasingly severe allergic reaction,” I worry I might need the epi-pen one of these days!

Send help. Or (dairy-free and gluten free) chocolate. I’ll be the one trying to get up the hill while bringing in the horses tonight.

4 thoughts on “Down for the count

  1. Ugh. I react to certain stingy things too, and always wind up getting steroids. Which are the worst, but at least the swelling goes away quickly. Hope you deflate soon!

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