Well, crap.

That sinking suspicion that my saddle didn’t fit? 100% true.

Nay Nay and I met with the saddle fitter yesterday afternoon and the bad news was delivered. The fit is bad (though the saddle is nicely balanced and fits me well) and Nay Nay is a hard fit.

So, it’s time to begin saddle shopping. And, a quick search tells me? It’s not going to be easy. What’s out? Anything A or U shaped, anything foam, anything french, anything wide, anything easy to find…

Basically, we’re looking for: a keyhole medium-narrow wool-flocked saddle. Semi-deep 17-17.5″ (17.5 preferred in a deeper seat) – no long flaps.

Possibilities include:

  • Albion M-M/N K2 or Kontrol
  • Kent & Masters M/N
  • Stubben 27cm
  • Passier Wellington M/N

In the interim, it’s mattes pad time and post-new saddle, it’ll likely still be a mattes pad, but with shims only on the right rear.

Send help.

6 thoughts on “Well, crap.

  1. Lol. I feel you. Vet said my saddle is making Pammon back sore. But also, I don’t want to try saddles if i can’t jump in them yet. So I guess it’s okay that he’s lame? Ugh. Horses. Good luck, I hope something turns up soon for you!

  2. Gah, saddle fitting is the WORST. If there’s a rep near you, myself, another boarder and our barn owner have had great experiences with our Takt rep! It’s my first wool saddle and I absolutely love it

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