Freaking Succeed?!?!

Back when Nay Nay was having all of his stomach/ulcer issues from March-June, I stuck him on Succeed at some point in a fit of desperation. I had no idea if it did anything, but he liked the taste and something he was on (Ulcergard, Succeed, Outlast, or Redmond’s Daily Gold) plus a massive diet overhaul seemed to fix his stomach. Not the way to test supplements/medicines but I was desperate and Ulcergard wasn’t doing it (and by month 3…).

Well, mid summer, I decided to remove the overpriced Succeed. Haha. Something went wrong (saddle fit) and Nay Nay got a touch grumpy and back on Succeed he went and I don’t know if it was the Succeed or just life working out again.

I recently decided that spending $100/month for 1(!!!!!) supplement was crazy. Especially one that I don’t know was doing anything. Nay is on Platinum Performance ($$) plus Outlast plus Daily Gold plus electrolytes on top on his diet of alfalfa pellets and rice bran and special hay and alfalfa. Feeding this damn horse costs a freaking fortune. Not to mention Ulcergard as needed for lessons and/or rides if he’s feeling stressed…

Nay has been off the Succeed for almost 10 days and is becoming increasingly grumpy. Until yesterday, he’s been good under saddle. Yesterday he was fine, but had the bug up his butt attitude. Today? Complete turd. Until we jumped. Then he was happier. But he’s grumpy. He’s got mushy poop too. And a sensitive flank. And he kicked out at me. Once. He learned never to try that again.

All coincides with time off the Succeed. So, thanks to his generous sponsor, a new autoship is being placed and back on he goes. There’s something in this oat flour concoction that makes his belly happy. And a few days of Ulcergard or Esomeprazole/nexium might not hurt either.

Horses. Trying to bankrupt us every step of the way!

7 thoughts on “Freaking Succeed?!?!

  1. Horses are expensive. I used this with Carmen and she did well : not sure if you can get it in the US but it’s cheaper. If yo7 want to try let me know. I can get you a coupon. Another thing to try is a pre/probiotic. Your description of runny poop made me wonder.

    • He’s been on probiotics with no change. At this point, I’m just whining. It seems this product agrees with him so I’m just going to give him what works vs trying different things. Twice I’ve taken him off, twice same result. He’s telling me the Succeed does something for him and to stop messing with what works even if my wallet disagrees.

  2. What works works I suppose. In a way it is nice that you know for certain that the money is worth it since he gets grumpy once it is gone. I tell all my patients that want to try a supplement that the best way to tell is to take it for 60 days and then stop for 30. If they feel worse when they stop then it was doing something for them. Looks like Nay Nay has spoken.

    • Oh I agree. And there is no way we’re waiting a full 30 days before we start back up. His new order should be here on Thursday so Thursday night, he’ll have his damn Succeed. My issue? I’m not convinced that there is anything in this product that works nor is there a reason that it should be so expensive. But, I was desperate when I first stuck him on it and he started eating the first night it was in his bucket (super $$$ appetite stimulent) and eventually started improving. Then, 2x he’s had belly issues once taken off it. So, there is SOMETHING in it that agrees with him. It’s just not worth experimenting with this horse. He’s so freaking expensive to feed. If he wants the Succeed, he gets the Succeed. Maybe he can stay barefoot forever? HAHAHAHAHA!

  3. Ugh, I have a TB like that. I’ve tried all kinds of gastric supplements for her so far, and right now am paying $100+ a month for SmartGI from Smartpak plus she also gets Daily Gold. I’ve considered trying to switch her to Platinum Performance this winter as that is cheaper and lots of people like it. Haven’t tried Succeed yet, but I’ll keep that on the list!

  4. I feel ya. Leo is on Choice of Champions’ U-Shield (double dose) and Super Joint, and gets Cocosoya Oil and DynaSport UltraBloom just so he doesn’t look ribby. Grand total is around $250/month. Sigh. Whatever works, I ‘spose

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