Quick update

Smug but happy

Long time, no blog. What can I say, I have a list of excuses, but honestly, I just got burned out from life and had little to nothing to write about. So I didn’t.

The horses are good. Really, they are. Subi is trying to eat. Somedays he is successful, somedays he thinks he knows better and eats less than I’d like. Jiminy is doing well. He’s eating all the hay and more and is breathing is doing pretty well. Seasonal allergies suck, but he’s enjoying steamed hay and zyrtec and life is good.

As for Nay, he’s chugging along.

Yesterday marked his 3 year gotcha day. It’s hard to believe he’s been part of the family for 3 years. It feels like both forever that I had him and just yesterday that I still had Batt.

In terms of health, we had a little colitis flareup this fall but he’s getting back on track. I’ve come to accept that fall into winter will ALWAYS be hard. I added a high dose pre and probiotic and while he hates it, he does eat it. He’s on the high dose for problem children. LOL. I’m also waiting on results of his full gut panel to see what (if anything) he’s lacking. Full analysis takes 10+ weeks so I anticipate January/February for those results. But, that plus his mash plus chopped hay plus his supplements plus this new batch of hay that he thinks is pretty great seem to be keeping him comfortable. So, we’ll see.

Riding wise? We’re riding. Nothing fancy or crazy. I actually had a nice bareback ride the other weekend and found that my horse really bends even bareback. Who knew? All our work is paying off. We only walked and did a little trotting, but he was very good.

A year ago he would have completely melted down during the lunging. Maybe I can’t ride during it, but at least I could do ground work.

Sunday I rode again. He was high as a kite when I went to tack up so I tossed him on the lunge line to come back to Earth. And he did. Then another horse joined up and was a bit of a mess. Nay worked through it. And, kept it together as best he could when this guy was spinning, rearing, and bolting. Turns out he wasn’t broke and the whole situation was… a bit of a mess. When Nay, a nervous wreck, willingly trotted a nice circle on the line with all the drama at the other end, I took him outside to ride.

The outdoor was a bit boggy and wet for my liking, but riding inside wasn’t exactly an option anymore. So we pushed through. Nay immediately relaxed and we trotted and attempted a canter. But, I never ended up putting my spurs back on or grabbing a crop and Nay was pretty much physically and mentally exhausted from our lunging session. We got our leads but barely held the canter for a full circle (it was… pathetic). If I took my leg off to kick, we broke. Squeezing did nothing. So, I picked up the canter a few times, asked to trot, and called it a day. Happy and listening were good enough for me.

So that brings us up to date. Nothing exciting.

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