Pig Gate and Other Full Moon Happenings

Was a pig involved in this tale? No, well, I don’t think so, but there was a full moon.

The other morning, I went out to feed. The horses were their normal, happy selves. I fed them breakfast, gave them pats, and went inside to get ready for work. When I went outside an hour later to turn them out, all hell broke loose. Nay Nay was a nervous wreck in his stall. He was anxious, spinning, and lathered in sweat. Honestly, I have no idea what had happened. Subi was fine but kept looking at Nay Nay with alarm.

I got halters on (at this point Nay was rearing in his stall) and we attempted to turn out. Nay tried his best to hold it together. He was terrified. At what, I don’t know. But he was terrified. He reared and spun a few times on the way to the paddock but otherwise held it together. He didn’t bolt when I turned him out but was very very very alert. I went to work and completely forgot about it.

That night after we cleaned stalls, I went to bring in and noticed Nay Nay was NOT at the gate (I mean, dinner is the most important meal of the day and he have to be prompt). Nay Nay ALWAYS is waiting at the gate (add that it was raining and he HATES the rain–all the more reason he usually NEEDS to come inside) and if he isn’t, he comes the second he sees you (at a gallop) or if you call him. Instead, he was at the hay feeder, glued to Subi. So, I walked to hay feeder to put his halter on and Subi decided that if Nay wasn’t going to the gate, he’d take the moment to go to the gate (it’s Nay Nay’s gate, Subi doesn’t like to hang out at the gate if Nay’s there because Nay is a little… devoted to dinner time). Nay was anxious and just about melted down when Subi left. I did get his halter on and thanks to the chain, prevented him from bolting. But, wtf.

We got them in and the walk wasn’t actually bad. I had a carrot and both boys. Nay Nay instantly relaxed thanks to Subi and his carrot. But, in his stall? Instant tension. Spinning and snorting and general anxiousness resumed (I did close his windows). He took some bites of food but was a mess. I went inside and came out an hour later armed with a tube of succeed (I hadn’t given it in the morning due to antics), half a tube ulcergard (I use it sparingly with Nay since it exacerbates his hind gut issues), and a treat. He seemed better at first but then started stressing. 1 hour later, I came back with some ace. He was a little more relaxed so my hope was that he’d relax enough to make it through the night.

Unrelated, but Jiminy got a new rain sheet and it’s adorable even if he wouldn’t stand far enough away to let me get a good photo.

The next morning he seemed better. He hadn’t finished all his food, but definitely ate overnight. I was able to change blankets without incident (Nay was definitely a little warm but I hadn’t wanted to risk it the night before) and just in case, I gave him a touch of ace so I could safely turn out an hour later. At that point he was ultra relaxed and we went outside without incident. Since then? He’s seemed OK.

Best thinking, something scared the shit out of him (perhaps Fat Squirrel who visits his stall during the day tried to visit while he was still in his stall? Maybe the neighbor’s cat came in his stall? Or, it’s possible that he unintentionally ate some soy. That is the ONLY thing that has ever turned him into an anxious mess like this. But, usually it has to build up in his system. But, he’s been off soy so long that I wonder if I accidentally dumped something of Subi’s in Nay’s bucket and didn’t realize it? I have no clue. Usually he’s fine with a small amount of soy in human treats (most likely oil vs soy meal), but honestly, no clue. So I’m being ultra careful for a few days. He doesn’t get a lot, but the occasional oatmeal cream pie has never bothered him after a ride. Or maybe it was a pig.

Then yesterday. Subi got loose on the way to turnout. Right by the gate he did a duck, spin, and rear move. He’s patented it. Anyway, he got away from my husband. Usually if this happens, he stops and grazes. Honestly, he does it to get to the good grazing spot. But, instead he went galloping around like a lunatic. It’s happened once before. The last time, he did a loop and ran into the field. This time, he panicked, galloped around my neighbor’s yard, and finally made his way back to the paddock. But, he was in panic mode. He came back and was galloping around near the gate, rearing, and otherwise panicking, until he responded to my voice and ran in to where I was holding Nay Nay (who held it together while his buddy was losing his mind) and Jiminy. But, he did do some damage to the neighbor’s grass.

Thankfully, my neighbor runs a lawn service and does not treat their lawn like their clients. They drive and park on the grass and told me they didn’t care at all when I texted after this happened. The ground was so soft that there were quite a few hoof prints (also quite a few tire tracks lol) and we stomped them back as best we could,

But, Subi is definitely a bit senile. It’s getting worse. And he’s lost all leading privileges without a chain. He spooked this morning and the second he felt the chain, he kind of came back to earth. So, hopefully it helps.

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