Holy (2 Point) Batman!

In that moment you all have been waiting for (in other words, in that moment I have been waiting for), the Batthorse got to try on his Batman saddle pad this morning!!

I had a late meeting at work so I figure why not take advantage of the cold, rainy-ish, migraine free (knock on wood) morning and ride my horse! It also gave me the opportunity to time another 2 point.

Needless to say, Batts was NOT amused.

But, he looked adorable and the pad did fit (I was concerned about the size as I based it off of a clean pad that I realize was clean because I never used it since I don’t like the way it fits…).

As for 2 point, I’m glad October is coming to an end. I’m getting bored with 2 point and there are only so many podcasts I can listen to. I’ve mostly been walking in 2 point but the boredom today was too much I that I would have been open to trotting, but, wet ground, slippery leaves, not riding in arena… yep, more walking. Needless to say, we were bored.

I did break the elusive 30 minute mark and try as I might, I just could make the 40 minute mark. My legs just could. not. do. it. I got off and was completely jello-legged. Overall, I’m still pretty happy with my time. And there is still a few more days to hit that 40 minute mark… We’ll see.


I think, in general, my 2 point as improved a lot.  I’ve been trying to focus on even weight distribution between my little and big toe, not pushing my heel down too far, keeping contact with the saddle and my knee (this is a hard one for me), and keeping even contact with my lower leg. The toe thing made a huge difference in terms of time and stability (I push my heel down too far and I’m back in the saddle hence the short early times and the even pressure just makes it easier to hold). The second I made that change, my balance just improve 100%. But, I think the biggest improvement has just been more lessons and correct riding overall. More strength and confidence overall? I’d like to think I’m a stronger and more effective rider than I was this time last year. Hopefully that’s true? Regardless, once October is over, I’m not 2 pointing for a long time. Maybe a few minutes, but none of this craziness!


weekend roundup

Nothing too exciting to report. Pretty uneventful week filled with lots of migraines and a fun work trip to Dover, DE (note, I don’t like Dover at all). Fun, right?

In non-migraine news, it was ridiculously warm all week with temps near 80 which is not normal for the mid Atlantic in October. So, of course, everyone was miserable with their fuzzy coats. I’m still debating weather to clip Batts and Jiminy, but if I’m going to I should probably get to it sooner rather than later. I waited until Thanksgiving last year for Batts which was way too late. Hopefully I get to it soon. My farrier was out on Monday and encouraged me to clip the boys. I certainly won’t do a full body clip (I was thinking about it for Batty, but i’m too lazy and cheap to buy another new blanket with hood) but some sort of trace clip should be fine. Though a hood was tempting to help grow back his missing mane. But, money. But, I have enough well fitting high neck blankets for Batty that I’m not going to bother with anything new. So trace/chaser clip will need to do.


Diet may be needed soon…

As for Jiminy, he hates being cold, but he’s so hot right now with his coat that I don’t really have a choice. Plus, he loves his blankets so… Seriously mini. You were supposed to be the easy one!

As for Subi, he needs all the coat he can grow. And blankets. I did order him a new discontinued Rambo for super cheap on Wednesday while stuck in Dover so hopefully I can retire his 10 year old Rider blanket to an emergency spare. It’s still waterproof and holding up, but after 10 years, it’s seen better days. I’d rather not use it as a spare anymore and just hold onto it for emergencies.

I cancelled my lesson on Thursday (migraine) and rode Sunday on the Ranger horse. We sort of picked up where we left off with the gate around to the triple (after flatwork and sitting trot which I sucked at this week). Thankfully the triple started out as well as we ended with and my brain didn’t get overly involved which is always a good thing. After that, however, we introduced the evil 2 stride. My issue with this was that I had to canter in the first time (fine, no big deal) and no nothing (much bigger deal). Thankfully, unlike a normal person who cuts corners, I usually go to wide which helped me with the 2 stride where I needed to be wide to come in straight. It was actually fine. Of course, instead of just doing the 2 stride, we needed to continue to the triple which sucked the first time since I failed to add enough leg and the first jump was ugly. The next few times were much better. We may have done another line in here but I don’t really remember. Overall, it was a short, but productive lesson. Sometimes I feel lessons might not be the full length, which would bother me, bit I didn’t feel I were getting so much out of the lesson? If that makes sense? We’ve also gone way over when I’ve sucked so… Anyway, I just love this perfect horse who makes me look like I know what I’m doing. I’m sure i don’t but it’s nice to feel that way sometimes!


Other than my lesson, the Batthorse worked hard all weekend. On Saturday he came down to Marsh Creek for lessons and a trail ride. One of my adults hopped on him for a lesson and he was a good boy though completely took advantage of her at times. His opinion? Good boy= Whoa. Yeah. But, he trotted around like a champ, trotted his poles (though when she had super long reins the first time he did canter over them and was VERY proud of himself), cantered around like a perfect pony, and even popped over a crossrail a few times (happily walking over it several times first). He hasn’t been a lesson horse for years, but he didn’t seem to mind the light lesson work.

After the lessons he joined me on a trail ride in 40 mile/hr winds. Not that Batty cares about no wind. He had a bigger issue when one of the horses tried to take the lead from him… Anyway, despite the wind and cold, I think he was happy to be out in the park. I tried to do 2 point on the trail ride which was a little interested, but managed about 15 minutes….

Sunday after our lesson I pulled Batts back out of the paddock for another ride to time our 2 point. He was none too impressed. I guess 2 days of work in a row violates our contract… Anyway, we just walked around the woods while I timed 2 point and listened to a podcast. Seriously 2 point is easy on Batty thanks to his downhill nature. Grabbing made/touching his neck pitches you forward so it’s actually easier NOT to hold on. Batty was happier to learn he didn’t need to work so he happy to walk forever. Anyway, we hit the 25 minute mark (finally!) and I’m surprisingly not sore today. I feel a lot stronger doing 2 point after lessons so jumping must be getting me stronger.

Anyway, no lesson next week. I work Thursday night (normal lesson time) and trainer is a show all weekend. So, instead, it’ll be a weekend of trail rides. Saturday at Marsh Creek (assuming a bring Batty again) and Sunday at Fair Hill. I’m hoping that the ‘on location’ riding will help with contract violations…

Rounding up ponies, or something like that

Updates are hard without media…

So some of these post are useless without pictures, but I’ll do the best I can…

Not too much to report on on the horse front. The boys continue to do well though mostly just spend there time stuffing their faces with hay and grumbling about a lack of food… The feed store was out of alfalfa cubes a few weeks ago and so we got timothy/alfalfa cubes instead. Subi has always been hit or miss with cubes, but I like the benefits of alfalfa. It seems timothy/alfalfa cubes are the way to go and are a BIG hit with him. He’s actually enthusiastic about evening cubes now. We’ll see how long he keeps this up, but… I’d love to actually up with cubes in the winter, but that might be pushing my luck. Still, in the mean time, it’s nice he’s so enthusiastic about food. On top of that, he’s back to eating flax too. All of this means he’ll probably stop eating in January just to drive me insane..

Sunday I had a nice ride on Batty. By nice, I mean I tortured myself with 2 point for longer than intended. I set a timer that failed to go off so instead instead of staying up for my targeted 5 1/2 minutes, I ended up in 2 point for an awful 12:36.64. At the walk. How I did not fall asleep of boredom, I do not know. How my legs did not fall off, I do not know. How, 2 days later, I managed to hobble around, I do not know. But, listening to a podcast while in 2 point did make things more tolerable. As did a very happy and pleasant horse. He’s not normally this happy or pleasant, but I think the fact that I wasn’t asking him to actually work much helped a lot… After the torture of 2 pointed ended, we did some trot sets up and down the hill for a while and then I let him gallop up hill a few times before calling it a day.  Then I conveniently decided to fill up a water trough, forgot about the hose until we came out to feed dinner, and noticed I flooded the paddock… Ooops. Only 2.5 hours of extra water… At least the round bale was sitting on a pallet?

Prior to my 2 point fiasco, I had a lesson earlier in the day on Ranger, where I more or less learned that I’ve been 2 pointing wrong most of my life. Well, not wrong so much as less correct. We don’t necessarily work on 2 point specifically in lessons, but I was warming before we started and my trainer started commented on position and all that. Turns out my heels are down to far to the point of being ineffective. So, the goal becomes concentrating less on heels and more of distribution of pressure between the big toe and the little toe (I already and pressing into my heel enough) to ensure that I’m keeping enough contact with my lower leg. Huge difference just bringing the little toe into the equation (and I’m blaming the little toe for all the pain felt as a result of the 2 point with Batt–but I certainly felt SO MUCH MORE stable making that minor change).

Anyway, back to my lesson. I love that little horse so damn much. He’s so perfect for me right now. He’s so broke on the flat that everything is just easy, but all my faults just are just magnified (my ineffective outside arm seems to move forward while circling for some reason…) so I really know what I need to work on. He’s super comfortable and steady too. What he is, I have no idea, but he’s truly amazing for me.

We warmed up trotting into a simple line focusing on where I’m looking (UP toward the second jump and not at the base of the first…). First time through I didn’t have enough energy and sort of held and we trotted into an un-energetic 7. Added leg to trot into a 6 the next time that actually looked better. Then I screwed up cantered in… I don’t know why I couldn’t pick up my damn lead. Then when I did, I needed to circle to get my rhythm, and unlike normal people who cut corner, I am the opposite and turn too late. So, we worked on that until it was nice.  Then the conversation turned to “you’re going to think I’m crazy” and of course anything that starts with those words… So, left lead canter to a single towards the in gate) around to the outside triple (4 stride to 4 stride). Me: stops breathing. Before we start, we break it down a bit and remember that this horse will stop and NOTHING and all I need to do is steer as he does duck in a bit so in between the triple I need to pull hands to rail (triple was against rail which actually made it easy) and LOOK UP TO LAST FENCE OF TRIPLE until I’m approaching that fence and then look out of ring.

So, our first attempt was interesting. Coming to the single, Ranger decided OMG JUMPING TO IN GATE and decided to actually speed up and brain said OMG I DIE but as we approached in gate, Ranger said, time to stop and my leg barely said keep going, so, going to the triple it was wiggly and slow and ugly, but we made it over all 4 jumps. Trainer asked my opinion. Me: It was really ugly. Trainer: Did you get over jumps? Me: yes. Trainer: Are prizes being given out today? Me: But… Trainer: Goal was to get through it. Did you stop, crash, die, etc.? Hit him in the mouth? No. So, attempt 2 was pretty much perfect. We still rushed the first jump a bit (a little bit of OMG JUMPING TOWARDS IN GATE) but not (OMG DIE from me) and I was more prepared that he was going to pull me towards the quarter line while cantering to the first fence so I was able to use more leg and hand to have a better spot. And then landing I was prepared to just look up and ahead and then start adding leg as we approached the in gate so we didn’t have a debate about stopping which led up to a perfect spot at the the first jump of the triple. A little leg and steering in the air allowed him to just carry me over the rest of the triple and with that I survived. So, when I was told to do it again and add in the 6 line we started with, I actually said OK.

Was out 6 jump course perfect? No, I think the triple was prettier the second time, but our first jump was the best the last time (FINALLY no more OMG JUMPING TO IN GATE!!! from Ranger) and I finally had a nice turn to my 6 stride. So, for not having done a course in at least 7 years,  I was pretty happy. The jumps are small right now which is fine. I need small though I don’t think the height really matters with Ranger. He’s just amazing and exactly what I need. If he were a little smaller, I might be able to fit him in my backseat and take him home with me… img_1606

I’ve ridden so many greenies over the years that I’ve learned to ride defensively or super well schooled horses with soundness issues that I’ve been very limited in what I can do, or modified HOW I ride to best support the horse. Or lesson horses that we pretty much limited to cross rails or had little to no education or soundness issues or both. Or “Wenglish” horses that were just interesting… I’ve had little chances to just ride a really well trained schoolmaster. For where I am right now, I need to bring my education back up. Subi is the exception as he was pretty well trained, but, my trainer at the time never got on him. Granted, I didn’t do training board, but I’ve learned even if I had, said trainer wouldn’t have actually ridden my horse, just charged me for service not rendered (not always the case but was the case during the period of time when I was a boarder). But that’s a whole other rant that I’m not getting into.

2 pointing through October and a nice (?) fall day?!

I hate the fall. Everyone who knows me knows how much I hate the fall. I hate the darkness, the angle of the sun, the shorter days, the crunchy fall leaves and dying plants, the darkness, and the angle of the sun (those both deserved a second mention). Good things have happened in the fall like all horse purchases but Jiminy, buying my house, and getting married, but I still dislike it. But every once in a while, fall issues a beautiful, unhated day. Today was one of those days!

I’m on the reference desk tonight (i.e. Now) and on Sunday so with comp time, I didn’t have to be at work until 5. Weather was perfect; temps in the mid 70s and sunny. So I took advantage of my day off to hang out with the boys (the little butterball definitely needs his muzzle back on when he’s out on grass…).

image image

I haven’t ridden Subi in a few weeks so I tackled him first. Being home alone plus the lack of work he’s had, I played it safe and lunged first.

Really Mom? I have to leave my friends and work?

Really Mom? I have to leave my friends and work?

Thanks to the warm temps and living out, Subi was pretty quiet (almost dead) on the lunge line though he did have his idiot moments. Still, I’m glad I worked him pretty hard even though he was a sweaty mess.

After lunging I hopped on and we pretty much walked forever while he cooled off. I took advantage of this time to work on the evil known as 2 point. I’ve mostly been doing my 2 point on Batty because he’s pretty flat while Subi has the big old bouncy thoroughbred stride. That said, even with the bouncier stride and leg Subi requires, he’s so much easier than Batt in that he doesn’t get annoyed or bored as easily. So on we walked through multiple songs from wicked until I could 2 point no more. But we survived and by far had out best time yet.

image image image

After 2 pointing, on dead legs, we did some trotted over poles (during which I was surprised how strong my 2 point felt)  until we were both bored. Playing it safe (after all, I was alone and didn’t bother to let my husband know that I was on…), I hopped off and hand walked him around in the woods before getting back on out there. As expected, he was perfect and really prefers our “woods” ring. I really need to clear it out more in the spring so there’s more useable space. We trotting a bit (with much more effort and energy) before calling it a day.

image image

Somehow I managed to ride Batt after Subi. I have very little to say about him other than neither of us were feeling it. He’s bored hacking and I really struggle to get him in front of my leg at the walk and trot. He really just wanted to canter and if he could canter, he sucked back and sulked. At least at the canter I could get him in front of my leg, but… He would have been thrilled to pop over some jumps but I try not to jump when I’m alone. Next ride I guess… He just gets in these moods where it’s his way or else… Usually boredom is involved. I could have hacked him out but I had the dogs out so I didn’t want to leave them. In the end we survived, but…

image image

Dental adventures and 2 point

I haven’t done a whole lot of riding over the past couple of weeks. If dealing with a sore hip hasn’t been enough, I developed a really bad sinus infection about 2 weeks ago. Horrific sinus pain and headaches. Not fun. I managed a pathetic base time for 2pointober (1:31), but didn’t really ride much more that week. I ended up at the doctors and on antibiotics by Thursday a week ago.

However, even with the antibiotics, the sinus pressure didn’t improve all that much. I managed to teach lesson last weekend and struggled through 2 trail rides (and upped my 2point to 5:03 on one trail ride and was back down to 2:51 on the other) and started to finally feel better. Then the tooth pain began. On top of everything else, I started having tooth pain. I stayed home from work on Monday (as well as Friday and 1/2 on Thursday last week) and with regular ibuprofen, finally had some pain free moments. Returned to work on Tuesday (and had an evening workshop I forgot about which made a long day…longer) and made it through. Wednesday wasn’t good, but it was our anniversary so I went to work as well as out to dinner with my husband. Some point on Wednesday I realized the pain was now mostly in my mouth and I needed to see a dentist. I have a huge fear of the dentist and basically freaked out when I realized I needed to go. I called the local dental office and they could see me the next day, Thursday.

By Wednesday night, the ibuprofen was doing nothing (even taking 4 at a time) though somehow I managed to do OK out to dinner (up until this point I was more or less just eating bread and plain pasta as everything else upset my stomach thanks to antibiotics and pain meds), but overnight I contemplated the ER due to pain. Somehow I survived the night at home and in the morning had my dentist appointment. My wonderful mother came down to help me with the dentist (again, truly petrified of the dentist) and the office staff was very nice (probably understanding how much dental anxiety I have). Turns out, in addition to probably having TMJ, I also needed a nasty root canal in one of my molars. Due to the placement, I was referred to a specialist who could get me in that afternoon. Petrified, my mother drove me to that appointment and they did the root canal. That said, as nice as the regular dentist was, if the specialist had a general practice, I’d be moving over there. He made it so that I didn’t even feel the needles for the novocain and gave me a whole lot (past oral surgery experience had novocain wear off mid procedure). The actual root canal didn’t hurt and the wonderful dentist managed the novocain so well that only a tiny portion of my mouth was numb. Pretty impressive.

Since the appointment the pain had decreased though I’m still taking regular ibuprofen and I was never quite able to kick the sinus infection and am now on round 2 of antibiotics (which my stomach still hates). So, I’m still shuffling around, but hopefully on the mend.

On Saturday, Erik and I went out to Fair Hill to watch cross country all day. My camera died so no photos, but it was still a really nice day. But COLD. I’m pretty sure there was a massive grey cloud (and some rain drops) that settled over Fair Hill for most of the day.

Hermione's 3rd cross country day at Fair Hill

Hermione’s 3rd cross country day at Fair Hill

Marble's first Fair Hill

Marble’s first Fair Hill

So sleepy after a long, hard day.

So sleepy after a long, hard day.

So cold that, unfortunately, when I got home, I had to pull out blankets for the boys. We weren’t ready for below freezing temps. Today wasn’t much better and tonight’s going to be colder. That said, I should be able to pull blankets either tomorrow morning or Tuesday morning. Just need to check out weather.

Today’s cold weather also had a whole bunch of strange rain showers. I left around 1 to meet my mom and it was sunny and 49*. When I left to head back home an hour or so later, it was 46* and drizzling. I drove home through rain showers and sun and clouds. I got home and it was 42*. Seriously crazy weather changes over the course of 2 hours.

Despite the weather, I did ride when I got home but decided to stick with Batt and not bother with Subi. With the sudden gusts of wind and the rain/sun/storm clouds/tornado winds (ok, not exactly), it was probably a wise choice. That said, I wasn’t feeling it and neither was Batt. Just one of those days. We started off with a lovely round of 2 point 7:21.95 in the round pen. I tried to do the 2 point as a warm up, but since Batt hates the round pen, it was interesting. Instead of a nice forward walk, we moved between shuffling our feet at the walk (I forgot my crop…), cantering, and trotting (pretty much in that order). After 7 minutes or so, I hurt and we were both annoyed. We did some trot and canter sets on the hill and we survived (I asked for the canter right as a gust of wind came up behind us) before heading into the woods to finish up. Getting in the woods was more of a fight than normal (lots of wind and flying leaves), but he was pretty good once we started working. Of course, at the end of our ride, we had a huge (for batt) spook at the canter. Not at a flying tree branch, not at stuff falling from the trees, not at any of the normal things. No, Batt spooked at the jolly ball that Marble was running after in the yard. Of course, spooking really consisted as trying to turn sideways while cantering before slamming on the breaks and acting like a giraffe. It was really kind of funny. But, he survived and we finished up before calling it a day.

Too much 2point.

Too much 2point.

Not feeling it and certainly not impressed.

Not feeling it and certainly not impressed. Practicing our angry face…

Alert ears at flying debris

Alert ears at flying debris

Weekend Catchup

It’s been a busy weekend (and week for that matter). But, then again, it always is.

Friday night, Erik and I went to Philly to see Newsies. I absolutely love musicals and have wanted to see Newsies for quite a while. I missed it on Broadway, but I’m glad the tour officially opened in Philly and I got to see it. Loved it. So worth the ticket price even though I can’t really afford to spend right now (which of course has me spending money). If you have a chance to see Newsies, DO IT!


Jumping away from the weekend to Thursday, I worked Thursday night which left me time to ride Thursday morning. It was a nice day too which helped. Because Erik already left for work, I decided to ride Batt. He’s reliable and I try no to ride Subi when no one is home. Batt is safe Safe SAFE and at least I know he won’t spook whereas Subi… Nonetheless, it wasn’t a fun ride. I got on Batt who was in a mood and decided to do my 2 point in the round pen. Batt wasn’t feeling it at all. He didn’t feel lame a the walk, but didn’t want to move forward. We fought, a lot, all in 2 point. I asked for a forward pace he cantered. I woahed him back, we halted. Lots of fights. I eventually gave in and decided just to deal with the terrible pace until I got out of 2 point. I survived for 12:18.96. I’m sure I’d have made it longer if I wasn’t fighting my horses, but it got to the point that I could deal any more with leg hold crop crap and my calves and back were killing me and I sat down. But I made my original goal of 10 minutes. After 2 point hell, I decided to leave the round pen. Grumpy however was being stupid, again, and didn’t want to stand while I undid the gate chain. More fighting until he realized we were going to leave and stood… That horse. I thought a trot up the hill would cheer him up (strange horse loves hills, especially galloping up them). Unfortunately, he didn’t feel right at the trot. Not lame necessarily, but weird so I walked after a couple strides. Batt was looking longingly at the development across the street so despite the off feel, we went for a short walk which he enjoyed. But his slow pace was just off. I decided to trot again and immediately could tell he was off on his right hind so we walked home (since he seemed ok a the walk). He had some heat in the hoof and based on how he was standing, I was fairly sure an abscess was brewing. He was way gimpier Saturday and I’m sure my diagnosis was right. He’s doing his abscess stand/walk and is otherwise happy and no heat in the leg… Hope it blows soon!


Moving ahead to Saturday, it was rainy and miserable. Based on the pending weather, I threw sheets on everyone Friday night. Of course, Saturday morning, Batt had some tears in his hastily repaired sheet so I repair my only other sheet and threw that on Saturday night (Saturday morning duck tape didn’t stick with the rain). Erik and I threw out a round bale first thing in the morning in the dark at 6:30am. Batt parked himself in front of it after breakfast and didn’t move until dinner while Subi and Hayley sulked about the rain, cold, and wind…. Due to the rain, I didn’t teach. I had a lot to do and instead spend most of the day on the sofa with my puppies. They loved it! (I did too).


This morning I went out early to teach. Horses were good despite the cold and crazy wind. After a quick trip to my mom’s to pick up her supplied alfalfa cubes and beet pulp (and a quick visit with her puppies), I had a 2 person trail ride. Really nice pair and despite the wind, they had a nice time. I took Peyton out instead of Heidi and it was nice just to be riding something dead quiet. He was a good boy. Unfortunately, my right hip kept cramping up during the ride and it’s still bothering me a bit. I did realize how easy short bursts of 2 point are though! I guess all of this 2 pointing has paid off!

Now I’m home and it’s dark outside. I really need to start dinner, but the sofa, quilt, and dogs are so much better!

A bit of a catch up

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. I’ve been sick (again. I can’t seem to fight this thing, whatever it is). And work. And teaching. And life too. Too busy and not enough hours in the day. Of course, it’s my ponies that suffer though they’re happy enough.

Last Saturday I went out to watch the cross country at Fair Hill. My second year going and always fun. We only saw about half of the CCI** but did see all of the CCI***.  Honestly, I love watching cross country but I doubt I’d ever be able to do any of that, even on a much much much much much smaller scale. I just don’t have the nerve. I get nervous in the ring jumping. Jumping cross country? Not really for me. Still, I’m in awe of everyone I saw. Truly amazing. IMG_6072 IMG_6099 IMG_6026 IMG_6149 IMG_6162

I also had the chance to by 2 MangoBay belts! I thought about ordering some earlier this month but talked myself out of it. Seeing them at Fair Hill, I was convinced. That said, I tried them on over my belt and now I realized they’re a little longer than I’d like. That said, they work and I can get them cut to size later. Love them though!

Mango Bay belts

Mango Bay belts

Riding-wise, I haven’t done too much. Lots of trail ride on weekends lately. 1 last weekend, 2 this weekend. So, by the time I get home from my weekend  barn/teaching/trail riding work, I’m way too tired to ride. Plus being sick… Anyway, today before the trail ride, I hopped on Heidi to make sure she was quiet enough to take out. I’ve been riding other horses out on the trails lately and I don’t think she’s been ridden since I last rode her on labor day. So, we played around in the ring first. Lots of walking followed by a little trotting and she was exhausted in her halflinger way. I love her but she doesn’t walk. She marches and trucks around the ring. Anyway, my calves were killing me after our ring ride (didn’t help that I pulled something in my right calf on yesterday’s trail ride — sort of the start of a charley horse that thankfully didn’t actually happen) so I enjoyed my half hour break before I had to take out today’s ride (of course the break included horse catching and hills….). Anyway, we had a good group on today’s ride (3 of them, the perfect number) and the horses were perfect. Of course, Heidi spooked at something at the start when we were walking past the frat boy field (saw a horse? no idea) and I almost came off. The spook was sudden and I didn’t expect the spin on the edge of a short by steep hill. I ended up in front of the saddle sliding off her neck but somehow I saved it? My trail riders were impressed! No other incidents during the ride though. Just exhaustion.

But, I needed to ride when I got home so I forced myself to hop on Subi when I got home. I haven’t ridden him in a few weeks and being that I was tired and needed my 2 point time, I just hopped on him in the round pen without lunging. Thankfully my crazy dork of a horse was as tired as I was and didn’t seem to have any energy. He’s like a walk trot lesson pony when he’s like this. Of course, he’s not always like this. Anyway, we survived out 10 minutes and 4.96 seconds in 2 point and then with my aching legs trotting around a few times before pain told me to call it a day. I love my Subbadork. Hopefully I’ll be able to find some time to ride this week to get one more 2 point time….

My favorite doofus

My favorite doofus

Love him to death.

Love him to death.

two point!

two point!

More 2 point

Finally rode again. After being sick for another week (after also being sick the week before), I finally had the energy to ride. I decided to skip my zumba class since the day has been crazy, my husband has my car, and on a vacation day, I don’t really feel like driving to work. So, I forced myself up off the couch and got on Batt.

Well, first I removed the crazy amount of mud caked all over him…

He wasn’t feeling the 2 point as we stayed in the very muddy round pen. But, I managed to stay up for 8 minutes and 2 seconds and then we moved on. He is so much easier than Subi. With Subi, he’s so long strided and bouncy and there’s so much movement, even at the walk. It’s so tempting and easy and often necessary to grab his mane just to stay up. With Batt, not so much. He’s just there and easy and a little down hill (which makes neck pressing counter productive). Anyway, I survived today’s challenge (I really wanted to make it to 7 minutes, mandated I make it to 6, and somehow survived until 8).

After 2 point, we did some trot and canter sets up the mini hill but neither of us were feeling it. He was bored, my legs were jello and the ground was mushy. We ended up jumping some gymnastics and calling it a day.

Not much else to say right now. Enjoying a few days off from work while recovering from a nasty cold. Fun planned tomorrow before I head back to work on Thursday? Laundry. Lots and lots of laundry. Fun and exciting.


In an attempted to provide motivation, accountability, and strengthen my weakish legs, I decided to participate in 2pointober sponsored by Viva Carlos and Equestrian At Hart. My leg is weak and it just seemed like a good idea. I didn’t participate last October so this year it is. I’m not expected to do well, but I am curious to see how much I can improve by the end of the month. If I’m motivated, maybe I’ll keep going through winter too. It definitely can’t hurt.

Anyway, it was cold and windy (thank you 20* temperature drop overnight) and I decided to hop on Subi for the challenge. Now, I did lunge him to get the craziness out of him (I haven’t been on in 2 weeks, it was colder, and the ground was wet/slippery) and let him figure out the footing in the round pen. He had a couple stupid moments (first one he actually put effort into his buck/rear combo, second, not so much) but after 10-15 minutes of trotting, I got on. What can I say, I’m a wimp and some days my confidence needs lunging more than others. Right now, it’s better for me to do that and get on and have a good ride then not and either not ride or have a bad ride. I had too many of those bad rides over the past couple of years.

Because of the ground and honestly? my confidence, we stuck to the trot for 2 point. Baseline is 5 minutes and 22 seconds. Way more longer than I thought. I felt OK at the time (though really sore at the end), but my thighs hurt more now. I’m suffering a bit from jello leg syndrome.

After our 2 pointing, I did a bit of trotting each way and called it a day. Subi was perfect and quiet, but since I was riding in the grass round pen and it was super mushy/wet, it wasn’t worth risking falls/injuries.

Anyway, that’s this week’s 2pointing. We’ll see where I am next week!