Holy (2 Point) Batman!

In that moment you all have been waiting for (in other words, in that moment I have been waiting for), the Batthorse got to try on his Batman saddle pad this morning!!

I had a late meeting at work so I figure why not take advantage of the cold, rainy-ish, migraine free (knock on wood) morning and ride my horse! It also gave me the opportunity to time another 2 point.

Needless to say, Batts was NOT amused.

But, he looked adorable and the pad did fit (I was concerned about the size as I based it off of a clean pad that I realize was clean because I never used it since I don’t like the way it fits…).

As for 2 point, I’m glad October is coming to an end. I’m getting bored with 2 point and there are only so many podcasts I can listen to. I’ve mostly been walking in 2 point but the boredom today was too much I that I would have been open to trotting, but, wet ground, slippery leaves, not riding in arena… yep, more walking. Needless to say, we were bored.

I did break the elusive 30 minute mark and try as I might, I just could make the 40 minute mark. My legs just could. not. do. it. I got off and was completely jello-legged. Overall, I’m still pretty happy with my time. And there is still a few more days to hit that 40 minute mark… We’ll see.


I think, in general, my 2 point as improved a lot.  I’ve been trying to focus on even weight distribution between my little and big toe, not pushing my heel down too far, keeping contact with the saddle and my knee (this is a hard one for me), and keeping even contact with my lower leg. The toe thing made a huge difference in terms of time and stability (I push my heel down too far and I’m back in the saddle hence the short early times and the even pressure just makes it easier to hold). The second I made that change, my balance just improve 100%. But, I think the biggest improvement has just been more lessons and correct riding overall. More strength and confidence overall? I’d like to think I’m a stronger and more effective rider than I was this time last year. Hopefully that’s true? Regardless, once October is over, I’m not 2 pointing for a long time. Maybe a few minutes, but none of this craziness!


6 thoughts on “Holy (2 Point) Batman!

  1. I’m so impressed with your times!!! And it’s always so cool to feel how slight changes in our alignment make such big differences in how well balanced we are. Also. That saddle pad is awesome!!

    • I’m pretty sure I’m never 2 pointing again! Honestly it’s not so bad at the walk, at least with a good podcast to listen to and scenery, though this week was definitely tough. I’m kind of happy it’s over so my legs can recover!

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